WE ARE NOT THE SAME – WANTS. A clothing brand that emphasizes the individuality and exclusivity of each piece

Started but a young man I’d describe to be nothing short of brilliant. I found Raees on the Instagram Story roll of the Bubble-gum Club Magazine’s profile. Intrigued by the article I shot my shot in the DM’s and scheduled a call. I must admit, I was initially underwhelmed by him though I felt a feeling of comfort straight away.

As the conversation progressed so did my amazement. Before I knew it, he was showing me articles of him in ‘Paper’ magazine, newspapers and even a set at the boiler room. I had so many questions that I eventually found the answer to.

Basically, Raees is a bottomless pit of creativity and his once-a-week collection release is a testament to this. Wants is only his latest project. Everything crayons, his firstborn, houses everything creative. From events and parties such as Rainbow Time and Roots and fruits to Dj’ng, Music Videos, magazines, the list goes on. So, it is no surprise Raees is making his mark in fashion.

Curated and created during COVID – 19, Raees Saiet, 27, cleverly maneuvers his way around not having access to the general clothing-industry services, (printers, CMT’S, textiles) by finding unused pieces in his closet, some vinyl, a pair of scissors, and iron, to bring this baby to life.

“We are not the same.”, as no two individuals will ever have the same Wants piece. Allowing people to establish a more sentiment and deeper connection with each item. Bridging the relationship from creative to the consumer, knowing that you are wearing a piece carefully cut to your closet. Emphasizing the detail behind our desires and emotion. It is almost a form of poetry.

Some of his latest work includes a collaboration with Lillie’s Radio, a Cape Town housed radio station. Three t-shirts titling, ‘Don’t Sleep on A Lilly’, ‘No Lilly Is the Same’ and ‘Lillie’s Radio Good Music’. Alongside are a customized Superstars, decorated with his iconic barbwires. Followed by upcoming projects lined up with the likes of Das Kapital and Francasonic. With an eye for upcoming talent, his on the look-out to work with new artists and opportunities to add to his extensive repertoire.

I called Raees with interests in wants yet a lot of this article is about him. I came to conclude that they are both one and the same. He is an embodiment of ‘We are not the same’. In his creativity, authenticity, and overall demeanor. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him and later meeting him. He is a special human being and his influence and contribution to the South African culture will soon be realized.

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